Client Services

Nowadays, IT/Software Development has become a major tool for the daily activities of people, especially businesses, whether to manage teams, connect the teams, manage the operations, or even in assessing the business future. At RedandBlue, we provide specialized solutions for those entire business needs. We serve clients and businesses across the globe with wide range expert and skilled teams of developers that can handle your IT infrastructure needs and/or software solutions.

Custom Software Development for SaaS and Cloud

SaaS Cloud RedandBlue is a leader in custom software development company, delivering world-class, complex software solutions on many different technology platforms to the clients ranging from dynamic startups to Fortune 500 companies. Our unrivaled track record includes developing over a thousand of successful software initiatives that already generated millions of dollars for your clients. Through the combination of technical expertise with our unparalleled commitment towards client satisfaction, our company became a more authoritative option for the companies who are looking for a customized software development services, including in-house supplementing resources in making of discrete project components, combining of latest technology with an existing enterprise infrastructure to create complex multimedia and interactive environments.

Responsive UX and UI Services

Responsive UX RedandBlue let the purpose of certain mobile app or web app to drive its user experience and design. The high adaptation rates of user us our top priority and we use optimized UX methodology in order to provide a well-balanced combination of flexibility, visibility, and control. Our main goal is to allow you clients to create long-term relationships with their own clients and make extra stakeholders by effectively improving the conversion rates, predict how the clients interact with the service or product and provide a comprehensive navigation.

Our development teams are highly skilled in JavaScript CSS3, HTML5, as well as in creating responsive designs.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile Applications RedandBlue has been developing responsive UIs and Android applications for many different clients for many years. We are constantly providing what is possible on the mobile platforms to accommodate our client’s desires. We guarantee that your idea will be transformed into an effective, user friendly, engaging, and beautifully design mobile solution of very superior quality.

RedandBlue has already handled the development, design, concept and strategy for various mobile software components and mobile apps build on Windows Phone, Android, and iOS (iPad and iPhone).

Quality Assurance Services

Quality Assurance RedandBlue delivers stand-alone or integrated QA services to the customers ranging from the startups to the large, well-established companies. We provide the highest quality of mobile development and software development deliverables. RedandBlue has mastered the QA methodology and strategy that blends seamlessly into the lifecycle development without crossing the most important boundary between the software and development quality assurance processes. RedandBlue is partnered with top and most leading brand’s technology around the world in order to provide guaranteed best software solutions. With these partnerships we’ve been making various successful accomplishments of developing universal apps, mobile apps, responsive sites, ecommerce solutions, CRMs, Content Management systems, Reporting Portals, Ticketing Systems, and Chat Applications.