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Digitalised Healthcare Ecosystem

RedandBlue is a pioneering force in the healthcare industry, offering innovative and secure digital solutions that are transforming the way healthcare organizations operate. With our deep understanding of the healthcare domain and our commitment to excellence, we are dedicated to serving as your trusted partner in driving digital transformation and delivering exceptional patient care.

Our contributions to the healthcare sector have been impactful, as we have developed a range of innovative secure digital solutions that address key challenges faced by healthcare providers. Our ePrescribing system streamlines the medication ordering process, reducing errors and improving patient safety. We also offer Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) systems that optimize prescription drug coverage and improve cost management for patients and healthcare organizations.
Our expertise in ePrescribing, PBM systems, Universal Identity, electronic prescription fulfillment, prescription bidding, clinical trials aggregation, EHR database building, and medical history integration ensures that we can address your specific needs and revolutionize your healthcare operations.

At RedandBlue, we understand the importance of patient identity management. Our healthcare provider Universal Identity solution ensures secure and accurate patient identification across different healthcare settings, facilitating seamless information exchange and enhancing patient safety.

We also till now have provided advanced solutions for electronic prescription fulfillment and prescription bidding, optimizing the prescription process and improving efficiency for both patients and healthcare providers. Our Clinical Trials Aggregation platform consolidates clinical trial data, enabling healthcare professionals to access comprehensive and reliable information for research and analysis.

In addition, RedandBlue excels in building Electronic Health Record (EHR) databases, integrating patient medical insurance eligibility, and maintaining comprehensive medical and clinical histories. These solutions enhance data accessibility, improve care coordination, and empower healthcare professionals with the information they need to deliver personalized and effective treatment.

Choose RedandBlue as your healthcare partner to experience the benefits of our innovative digital solutions.