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Recovering a Lost Azure VM Admin Password

  • Run Windows PowerShell ISE in administrator mode.
  • Enter and run the following PowerShell cmdlets hitting enter after each line:

Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned
Import-Module Azure

  • Once the login prompt appears, enter the same username and password used to activate your Microsoft Azure account.
  • Enter and run the following cmdlet to confirming the name of your Microsoft Azure subscription needed for the next step:

Get-AzureSubscription | Format-Table -Property SubscriptionName

  • Enter the following cmdlets to select the required Microsoft Azure subscription. Be sure to replace CANITPRO with the name of your Azure subscription:

$subscription = “CANITPRO”
Select-AzureSubscription –Default $subscription

  • Run the following prompting for the credentials you’d like to reset the existing built-in local Admin user account to:

$adminCredentials = Get-Credential -Message "Enter new Admin credentials"

  • You are then prompted with a dialog to enter user name and password (you can enter your existing user name as well)
  • Enter and run the following cmdlet to reset the built-in local Admin credentials with the ones provided in the previous step:

  Get-AzureVM | 
        Where-Object -Property Status -EQ "ReadyRole" |
        Out-GridView -Title "Select a VM …" -PassThru |
        ForEach-Object {
            $VM = Get-AzureVM -Name $_.Name -ServiceName $_.ServiceName
            If ($VM.VM.ProvisionGuestAgent) {
                Set-AzureVMAccessExtension -VM $VM `
                    -UserName $adminCredentials.UserName `
                    -Password $adminCredentials.GetNetworkCredential().Password `
                    -ReferenceName "VMAccessAgent" | 
                Restart-AzureVM -ServiceName $VM.ServiceName -Name $VM.Name
            } else {
                Write-Output "$($VM.Name): VM Agent Not Installed"

  • Login into your Azure VM using your newly set local admin username and password.

    Article credit to : Anthony Bartolo